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Deceiving Gas Charges, Hertz

Hertz has been under fire for a deceiving practice concerning gas charges. The company allegedly deceived consumers by charging a refueling fee for vehicles driven less than 100 miles, even when the vehicles were returned within a full tank of gas.

Hertz Charges Refueling Fee Even When Tank is Full

According to several consumer complaints, the company included a gas charge on their bill, even though they filled the gas tank before taking the vehicle back. As of July 1, the company changed its policy. It now charges a flat fee to customers who return their vehicles with a less than full tank, plus the market price per gallon.

If you feel that you may have been wrongfully charged a refueling fee by Hertz, or any car rental company, you may be able to seek financial compensation. For more information, contact a consumer fraud lawyer today. We advocate consumer rights and fight for those who believe they’ve been deceived by any U.S. company.

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