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Investor Fraud

Investor fraud refers to the misrepresentation of an investment that results in risk or loss. Our consumer fraud lawyers represent investors that have suffered financial losses due to fraudulent misrepresentations. We have experience in cases involving breach of fiduciary duty, bad faith and poor corporate governance. If you believe that you are a victim of investor fraud, contact us for legal help today.

Protect Yourself against Investor Fraud

You can never trust too easily. In most cases, if you feel an investment sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.  Listen to your gut and do the following to help arm yourself against investor fraud:

  • Put in research time: before you invest your hard-earned money, you should research the company and/or product you are considering investing in.
  • Ask questions: Most scam artists are banking on your failure to research before investigating. It is up to you to do your homework — research online, do your own digging and ask plenty of questions until you are confident in your investment decision.
  • Be wary of unsolicited investment offers: if you receive an unsolicited pitch to invest in a company or product, you should be especially wary. If you can't find current information about the company or product, you may want to pass.

A decision to make an investment should only be made once you have complete disclosure of accurate information. Anyone who suffers loss or added risk due to wrongful misrepresentations may be eligible to recoup damages.

Securities Litigation

Our consumer fraud lawyers have vast experience helping clients file individual lawsuits and class actions under federal securities laws, including

  • Securities Act of 1933
  • Securities Exchange Act of 1934
  • Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 (repealed)
  • Trust Indenture Act of 1939
  • Investment Company Act of 1940
  • Investment Advisers Act of 1940
  • Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970
  • Public Company Accounting Reform and Corporate Responsibility Act of 2002 (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002)
  • Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (Dodd-Frank Act of 2010)

We are available to represent investors in securities litigation against the largest corporations for issues such as poor corporate governance, breach of fiduciary duties and bad faith practices.

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