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Legal Rights

There are federal and state laws that are designed to protect consumers from fraud and unfair business practices.  If you feel that you’ve been deceived or treated unfairly, contact a consumer fraud lawyer for help today.

Protecting Your Rights

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the federal agency that enforces consumer protection laws and advances consumers’ interests by defining unfair and deceptive practices.

Consumers are also protected via state laws. Each state has common laws, designed to protect people from unfair business practices. Under common laws, a person must be able to prove that the person doing business made a false statement of material fact. Material fact is a key element to your decision to purchase the good or service.

Under common laws, a claimant must also be able to prove that the person who made the statement knew it was false or misleading and that you based your decision on the misleading information.

So, for instance, it would be considered fraud if you purchased a cubic zirconia ring from a pawnshop that you thought was a real diamond, because the dealer told you it was real. It would be considered fraud if you purchased the ring based on information that the dealer knew to be false.

Some states also have laws specific to certain industries. These might cover businesses such as mobile home sales, vehicle repairs, travel agencies and health club membership contracts.

How a Consumer Fraud Lawyer Can Help

By contacting a consumer fraud lawyer, you will be protecting your rights. A qualified attorney will be familiar with the federal and state laws, and will be able to determine if you have a legitimate claim. Because consumer fraud can be complicated and difficult to prove, only a qualified attorney will be able to ensure your rights are completely protected.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, you might be eligible to seek financial compensation. For more information, please contact a consumer fraud lawyer today.

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