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Complaints of Apple iPod and iBook Products Threaten Reputation

January 1 , 2004

Apple has a market share of around 2% and has been able to maintain a strong consumer following. Up to recently, the company has profited from its' computers higher prices because of the belief that Apple machines are more secure and reliable than Microsoft Windows PC's. The road may appear to be much rockier in the future, with at least two online petitions collecting hundreds of signatures from Apple users unhappy with the iBook laptop.

According to most of the consumer complaints, the problems with the iBook exist in the motherboard of an iBook model containing dual USB ports, though complaints have also been made of the higher end PowerBook line. The message boards also show complaints that the replacement units have the same problems with display and video output.

BlackCider.com, home of one of the petition sites has so far collected 408 signatures from potential lawsuit plaintiffs and PetitionOnline.com has so far collected 850 signatures.

Complaints about Apple's iPod digital music players are also starting to gain momentum. The highly popular products are the source of a lawsuit in California that is expected to gain class action status sometime in January, alleging Apple's warranty does not extend long enough to cover problems with the player's battery.

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